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What Is AmazoPage?

The Smart Sellers "Secret Weapon" - combining the best in squeeze page psychology, traffic conversion, and promo code distribution.

AmazoPage Campaign Example

A Conversion Powerhouse!

  • Provides your prospects with a uniquely designed and responsive campaign page that will help build instant trust.
  • Incorporates a customizable “Special-Offer” pop-up area that hovers above your product’s details.
  • Adds an optional video message for each campaign to more personalize your deal offering.
  • Helps your product earn Amazon “Rank” by reducing sales spikes and distributing daily sales across time.
  • Works seamlessly with Mailchimp and Aweber to help build a prospect email list fast.
  • Includes both FaceBook™ pixel and Google™ analytical tracking options to help gauge and optimize campaign performance.
  • Helps Filter out tire-kicker type traffic which increases your Amazon page conversion rates.
  • Helps maintain seamless message continuity between traffic source (ad, list, post card, insert or label) through to your campaign "funnel" page and on to your final destination…Amazon.

Connect More Personally!

Build loyalty with your prospects & customers by adding a personlized video message!

The Power of Video

The Power of Video!

  • Nothing increases conversions more than looking a prospect in the eye, saying “Hello”, and then simply explaining your offer… and no other Amazon squeeze page offers this option to you.
  • Whether it’s you, your spokesperson, or a hired “pretty face” from a great freelance service like Fiverr…Your engagement rates will skyrocket using our exclusive video feature.
  • Create one master message to use for all your campaigns or set-up a unique one for each campaign you roll-out…It’s up to you!
  • Our video player works with all modern browsers and mobile devices…Get’s in quick, delivers your message and then get’s out the way.
  • We include some great videos you can use within your own campaigns to get you easily started!

Easily Manage Promo Code Distributions!

Prevent runaway promo code losses! Balance out daily sales to maximize your Amazon product rankings... All while building your customer lists.

Showing AmazoPage promo code area

Promo Code Power!

  • AmazoPage handles both types of Amazon’s promo codes…”Universal” (aka.. One-For-All) and their newer “Unique” (aka.. One Per Customer or One-Time-Use) promo codes.
  • Distribute your Amazon promo codes freely using our AmazoPage Basic plan or you can require an email opt-in by signing up for our BasicPlus plan…It’s your choice.
  • With our AmazoPage BasicPlus you can use the email opt-in to control the distribution flow of promo codes which can balance out your daily sales and maximize your Amazon rankings.
  • Limit or extend promo code distribution (even during an active campaign) by adding or deleting available codes in your admin dashboard.
  • Increase customer engagement by clearly instructing visitors on HOW TO REDEEM their promo codes BEFORE they get lost and confused at Amazon.
  • You can force customers to use YOUR preferred Amazon product link. (i.e.: Your keyword enhanced product URL, an Amazon affiliate link, a SuperURL, or Ranker Link).

Easy - Effective - Fully Customizable!

AmazoPage is the ONE Amazon tool no smart seller can live without.
Dump the junk...Go First Class!!!

What is AmazoPage
An AmazoPage Example
Console Page - Campaign
Console Page - Expanded Campaign

An All-In-One Power Package!

  • AmazoPage starts by building trust with your visitors. No other platform takes this important factor as seriously as we do. It’s the secret to our higher conversion rates.
  • AmazoPage is flexible, customizable and easy to use… for both YOU and YOUR PROSPECTS.
  • AmazoPage is a MUST for all forms or traffic, all types of campaigns (one-offs and perpetual)
    • Set-up one per product for links on your product labels, stickers or package inserts
    • Set-up one for your product launch campaigns
    • Set-up one for your direct mail campaigns
    • And another for your paid traffic campaigns
    • And another for social media or PR campaigns
    • And don’t forget those coupon sites!
  • Best of all… AmazoPage is GUARANTEED to increase Amazon product sales, conversions and rank.

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AmazoPage is compatible with all the latest browsers/devices!

Compatibility List

It's compatible with mulitple languages and Amazon marketplaces

English • German • French • Japanese

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Ranking Case Study

The bottom-line question every Amazon Seller wants to know is simple...
"Do AmazoPages Really Work?"
The answer is a resounding YES and we have the proof!

Keyword Case Study

Amazing Rank Results!

At the request of the product owner, the keywords and product have been withheld, but the results are evident...
  • The keyword ranking chart (shown here) is the direct result of a one week traffic campaign using AmazoPages exclusively.
  • Across all the primary keywords associated with this Amazon product, the keyword rankings skyrocketed within a few days of campaign start.
  • This particular campaign used NO SuperURL (although the AmazoPage platform does allow SuperURLs).
  • This was an Amazon product in a very competitive category.
  • In summary, first page and second page rankings were achieved as a result of the improved conversions, better traffic control and ease of use of the AmazoPage platform.

AmazoPage Products Are Everywhere!

Amazon Sellers from around the world are using AmazoPage to help sell all types of products...Start promoting your own today with AmazoPage!

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