Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Become an Affiliate Partner and start making money on referrals who subscribe to any of our plans and add-ons.

AmazoPage's powerful solution is highly appealing to a fast-growing and large number of Amazon Sellers as a long-term addition to their marketing strategy.

Becoming an AmazoPage Affiliate Partner can be a great way for you to make some serious extra income for any Amazon Seller you send our way that signs up for any of our plans and add-ons.


  • We pay a leading commission of 30%
  • We pay commissions on all initial sign-ups AND recurring payments
  • Your commissions grow with the number of referrals you sign up
  • No subscription to our service is required by you

How Our Affiliate System Works

It's simple...When you sign up and get accepted into our Affiliate Program, you will be provided a unique affiliate link that is specific to your account along with real-time data reporting tools.

You can share your affiliate link any way you like...In an email to your Amazon Seller friends and contacts, through your social media account, or you could publish it on your web site.

Whenever someone clicks on that link and purchases any of our plans, you will earn a cool 30% commission!

Our system uses cookies so that even if your prospect comes back another time (up to one year) to sign up, you still earn your commission.

Simply put, if someone signs up for any AmazoPage plan using your affiliate link, you will get credited with opening that account and on each recurring subscription payment.

  • We provide you a unique link which includes your affiliate ID that points to our AmazoPage home page
  • We provide you with a $10 coupon you can share with prospects as incentive for them to use your link
  • A top level 30% commission is paid for all subscription payments received (less any fees)
  • There is NO cap on the size of the resulting commission paid

PLEASE NOTE : You cannot buy from yourself or be your first purchase for the sole purpose of discounting your own purchase.

Income Example

Below is an example showing just how much income you can derive from just one referral who subscribes to our BasicPlus Monthly Plan using your affiliate link...

BasicPlus Plan $44.95 Monthly subscription rate
Discount Coupon - $10.00 Assuming you share this
Adjusted Rate $34.95  
PayPal Fees (~ 4%) - $1.39  
Adjusted Rate $33.56  
Affiliate Income $10.07 $33.56 x 30% Commission rate
Potential Yearly Income On Just One Sign-Up $120.84 $10.07 x 12 Months

Payout Terms

At the begining of each month, we send direct payments to our affiliates through PayPal for commission earnings on accounts that have passed our 30-day money back guarantee term.

The minimum accumulated commission you must earn to trigger a payment is $50 for monthly payouts...Otherwise, every six months we clear the books and do payouts on accounts with balances under $50.

So What Are You Waiting For?

We are looking to build strong, long-lasting relationships with our Affiliates, so if you think our AmazoPage solution is something you would feel great about sharing with Amazon Sellers, then sign up to our Affiliate Program now and start making extra income today!

Just answer a few key questions to help us better understand your background...

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Do you have familiarity with and/or connections with the Amazon Seller marketplace and its community?

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Do you have a website or blog?

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Can you share the URL with us and tell us a bit about your average monthly traffic...Also, what does it focus on?

Do you have a social media presence?

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Do you have any questions about this program?

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Your email address will only be used for affiliate login, correspondance, and payments...So please be sure it is also set to receive payments through PayPal.

Additionally, if you signed up for any of our AmazoPage plans, this Affiliate email addresses should different than the address you used for that account.

Again, you are not required to purchase or use our AmazoPage service to become an affiliate partner.

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